Strange World

UPDATE: (12/15/2014)


Thanks to some excellent feedback you’ll see in the comments below I’ve realized that my science for this story was not perfect. I would say it’s pretty close. Close enough to still guess the answer to this riddle. Especially if you don’t know that the inverse-square law applies to gravity.

This is a story I wrote about 4 or 5 years ago. I recently watched a video that reminded me of this story, and I feel like it would fit in on this blog. Please comment below and tell me where you think our fearless hero is.

My weight feels normal. My feet rest upon a solid metal. As I look forward I see miles and miles of nothing but the solid gray metal I am standing upon. All around me is the same. Miles of the gray metal and then the horizon. It’s like looking at an ocean. Pure flatness meets the sky at some indiscernible distance.

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