Fact, Probability, and Reason

Our lives are influenced by statistics and probability everyday. These statistics are numbers that we can use to inform ourselves about the probability of other things happening, we can infer meaning from the statistics. Often times we infer too much. Below are some interesting facts that will help you take every statistic you hear with a grain of salt. It’s always important to know exactly what the numbers are. If you hear that more people die from wild animal attacks in August than any other month, this might strike fear into your heart, causing you to reschedule your camping trip. Continue reading

Create Full Width Element Within non-full width wrapper – JavaScript

I have this nagging feeling that there is a better way to do this. I know I could do this with CSS, and that’s always preferrable, but at what point does light weight JavaScript become more desirable than heavy duty CSS? This definitely isn’t a copy and paste situation. Depending on your wrappers, lackthereof and other CSS rules, you’ll have to edit this JavaScript. But if you’re comfortable with Javascript, this should be everything you need to incorporate the code into your own environment. Anyways, code philosophy aside; here it is: Continue reading